Holidays for Divorcing Parents

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Please enjoy this article provided by Stacy:
Home Alone for the Holidays -Tips for Divorced Parents

The holidays can be a difficult time to be divorced. Most of us are accustomed to celebrating as a couple or family. It may be especially challenging if you are a parent and this is your child’s year with “the other parent”. You cannot change the fact your family structure is now different, but you can take steps to make certain you and your children are happy. Here’s a few tips to get you started –

1. If you are alone on Thanksgiving you will likely have your children for Hanukkah or Christmas. Use your time to plan a terrific celebration.

2. Find a friend to share the holiday with. Single friends, friends far from their home and other divorced friends who share your feelings would appreciate the company.

3. Treat yourself to something (you can afford). A new dress you needed for work but didn’t have time to buy, a massage, chocolates. Be nice to yourself, you deserve it.

4. Don’t fight with your children or your ex-spouse. Fighting is easy when you are disappointed or stressed. Little things grow into mountains. Look away.

5. Pack a little note in your children’s bag wishing them a happy holiday and a very good time. Your children need to know you will be okay to enjoy their holiday.

6. Plan an alternate day celebration. Why must Thanksgiving be on Thursday? Have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday. Celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas a day earlier or later. It actually is the holiday somewhere in the world.

Create special traditions which celebrate your new life. It may not be the same but it can be better!

Enjoy your holidays! Stacy

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