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The things you want to protect during a divorce (Time, Money, Your Children and Yourself) are at risk when you don’t have the information and support you need and deserve!

Divorce is complicated. It is the collision of a major financial, legal, parental and emotional transition; and one that is usually made without the proper guidance that will secure the kind of happy and healthy future you truly want for yourself and your children.

Too often we hear from men and women that are already divorced, who wish they had received the information and services that SOS offers in order to prevent the enormous mistakes that they could have avoided. Having been there, we know exactly what you are going through. We understand your overwhelm, anxiety, uncertainty and sadness. We know the complexities of reinventing yourself, co-parenting, custody schedules, rebuilding financially and managing changing relationships with friends and family…

Saving Your Marriage:

  • Explore the issues in the marriage. What are the reasons you are contemplating divorce? We will try and work through them so you can avoid the path of divorce.
  • What will divorce look like? We will give you a good idea of what your divorce would look like for the two of you(custody, financially, emotionally, etc), so you can make a well-informed decision.
  • Can you salvage your marriage? If your marriage can be saved, we encourage couples to try and stay together. We are trained to help you make that decision.
  • If divorce is the only option; we focus on helping you separate in a low conflict manner and can get you started on the right path.

If You Are Thinking About/Going Through:

  • We assess where you are now, where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there. We will identify which common pitfalls you are most at risk for and help you avoid them.
  • What to Expect When You are Divorcing: You will learn what you can expect from the divorce process legally, financially and emotionally.
  • What About the Children? We will explore the many parts of divorcing with children. From telling them, supporting them, custody options, and co-parenting to how to ensure your child’s right to a peaceful and harmonious future.


  • Your New and Next Chapter: We will explore the changes that are taking place in your life, how vital it is to take care of yourself as you move from married life to a divorced lifestyle.
  • Self-Sufficiency: We will discuss financial, emotional, social, and parental self-sufficiency. We will address harnessing your courage and confidence as you prepare for the road ahead.”
  • Love and Romance: We will talk about love after divorce. We will explore what dating, romance, new love, second marriage and blending families means and how to integrate them into your post-divorce life.
  • Common Pitfalls: We will share the common pitfalls of life after divorce and how you can create a strong foundation for your new life.

Fee per session: $150
Package of 4 sessions: $500

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To find out if this program is right for you, feel free to contact us below for a complementary 30 minute introductory call. If you are ready to begin, please email us and we will call you within 24-48 hours to schedule your first session.

Start Over Smart Consulting Services Testimonials

Start Over Smart Divorce Advisors was lifesaver for me and my family. By helping us see the clear benefits of reducing conflict and avoiding a court battle, my ex and I were able to have a much better and much less costly divorce.”

– Janine, 33, Westport, CT

The two women behind Start Over Smart Divorce Advisors are uniquely suited to supporting people through divorce and all that comes with it. You will feel like you can finally relax a little and that everything will eventually be okay.”

– Lynda, 47, New Canaan, CT

Nicole and Francine worked with my ex-wife and I on how to help our 3 children, who were not handling the divorce well. They gave us the tools we needed to help them and worked one-on-one with our teenager who was handling it the hardest. We are now 1 year post-divorce and the kids are all doing great.”

– Brian, 52, Fairfield, CT

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