5 Tips for Successful Single Parenting

It isn’t divorce that hurts our children, it is how we handle divorce that does. It is important to remember that while you are divorcing your spouse, your children are not.

Children want and need both parents in their lives. Having strong and secure bonds with each parent will have an enormous positive effect on your children during and after your divorce. Children need you more than ever during this hard time. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you be a successful single parent!

1. Spend quality time with your children: This seems obvious – but we are all so busy, we sometimes need to really plan to make this happen. Try putting away the electronics (cell phones/computers) and find activities to do with your kids. If they want to play video games, maybe try and learn – even though this is an electronic, your kids will really appreciate that you are doing something they enjoy!
2. Share at least four meals a week together: We are all so busy and mealtime these days is too done on the fly! Having meals together (even if it is take-out) is another great way to spend quality time with your kids. Again, try and put away the cell phones and encourage communication and sharing about their day.
3. Try Game Night: Although your teenagers may not be up for it, keep this tradition going as long as you can. It is a great way to bond and to have fun with your kids.
4. Respect the other parent/Model forgiveness: It is so important to children that their parents get along. It is healthy for everyone that you learn to forgive one another. You may not be able to forget, but your children will fare far better having 2 parents that aren’t adversarial.
5. Be there for them: Kids need extra love and support at this time. If you see they are in a bad mood, talk to them rather than get angry. Chances are they are having a hard time with the divorce and having you understand will go a long way…

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