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Start Over Smart is devoted to men and women who are thinking about, going through and beyond divorce. Learn how to save time, money, your children and yourself!

Inside 37 Things, you’ll discover:


  • The right divorce process for you

  • How to tell your children

  • Important considerations for creating a parenting plan

  • Learn to communicate and co-parent effectively with your spouse/ex

  • Resources that can help you save more than just money

  • The necessary tools to understand and organize your finances

  • And even more to lower your stress and empower you to start over smart!


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37 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Divorce was written by an expert child and family therapist and a professional divorce advisor. Both are also both trained divorce mediators trained with countless hours advising men and women going through divorce and on to their new lives. Let their experiences help lower your anxiety, put your children first, and save you money.

37 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My DivorceThis book will be your step-by-step guide directing you to the choices that are right for your unique divorce situation. Inside you’ll find the tools and information necessary to guide you at every stage to start over smart!

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